President Trump in China Holds Joint Presser with Chinese President Xi Jinping; Pushes for more Balanced Trade – Video 11/8/17

President Trump Continues to Express Disappointment in AG Jeff Sessions at Joint Presser – Video 7/25/17

President Trump in Rose Garden Press Conference Blasts Comey the “Leaker”; Says He is “Vindicated” by Comey Testimony – Video 6/9/17

President Trump Curtly Tells Reporter, “No, No” when asked if He ever told Comey to End Flynn Investigation – Video 5/18/17

Joint Presser: NATO Secretary General Praises Trump for Bringing Focus to Responsibility of Member States to Pay Fair Share for Defense – Complete Video 4/12/17

President Trump, German Chancellor Merkel Hold Joint Press Conference at the White House – Video 3/17/17

Reporter April Ryan on Trump Presser: “It was Painful for us but Pleasurable for Him” – Video 2/16/17

President Trump Grinds Liberal Media into the Dirt in Epic White House Press Conference – Complete Video 2/16/17

President Trump: New Immigration Order Likely Coming Monday or Tuesday; Warns Iran they “Better be Careful” – Video 2/10/17

President Trump Holds Joint Press Conference with British PM Theresa May in White House East Room – Complete Video 1/27/17

Trump Press Conference at Mar-A-Lago: Kerry Speech “Set Back” Peace Process; Strongly Defends Israel; Says “Time to Move on with our Lives” when Asked about Russia Sanctions – Video 12/28/16

Donald Trump in Combative Presser Details $5.6 Million in Donations to Dozens of Veterans Groups; Slams Dishonest Media for Biased Attacks – Complete Video 5/31/16

Trump Holds Presser in Bismarck, ND after Clinching the GOP Presidential Nomination – Complete Video 5/26/16

Donald Trump Victory Speech and Press Conference Following Sweeping Wins in Five States; Hammers Hillary – Complete Video 4/26/16

Donald Trump Holds Press Conference in Wisconsin on His Plane; Says He won’t Throw His Campaign Manager Under the Bus – Video 3/29/16

Donald Trump in Press Conference Slams Ted Cruz as the “Worst Liar” He’s Ever Seen; Threatens Lawsuit if Cruz does not Retract Ads and Apologize – Video 2/15/16

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