President Trump Rallies with Supporters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Vows to Push Ahead with “America First” Agenda – Complete Video 6/21/17

President Trump Reads “The Snake” at PA Rally to Illustrate the Threat of Open Borders and Radical Islamic Terrorism – Video 4/29/17

President Donald Trump Rallies Pennsylvania Voters on the 100th Day of His Presidency – Complete Video 4/29/17

Nashville Crowd Roars as Trump says, “Fortunately it will Not be Hillary-She” as President; Crowd Chants “Lock Her Up!” – Video 3/15/17

President Trump Rallies in Nashville, TN with Enthusiastic Crowd; Vows to get Health Care, Massive Tax Cuts Done – Complete Video 3/15/17

First Lady Melania Trump Opens Melbourne, FL Rally with “The Lord’s Prayer” – Video 2/18/17

President Trump Holds Huge Rally in Melbourne, FL; Slams “Dishonest Media”; Brings Supporter Onstage Impromptu-style – Complete Video 2/18/17

Over the Heads of the Media: President Trump to Hold Major Rally in Melbourne, Florida Saturday – Video Report 2/15/17

Trump takes “Thank You” Victory Tour to West Allis, Wisconsin; Touts Secretary of State Pick; Praises Paul Ryan, Reince Priebus – Complete Video 12/13/16

Trump “Thank You” Tour goes to Grand Rapids, Michigan; Trump Vows to Protect the American Flag – Complete Video 12/9/16

President-elect Donald Trump’s “Thank You” Victory Tour Speech in Des Moines, Iowa – Complete Video 12/8/16

President-elect Donald Trump’s “Thank You” Victory Rally in Fayetteville, NC – Complete Video 12/6/16

President-elect Trump’s “Thank You” Victory Rally in Cincinnati, Ohio; Vows to Operate under Motto, “America First” – Complete Video 12/1/16

Watch Live Video of Donald Trump’s “Thank You” Victory Rally in Cincinnati, Ohio – 12/1/16, 7 PM ET


Trump “Victory Tour” Rallies being Planned for States He Won – 11/17/16

Trump Finishes 2016 Campaign with Rally in Grand Rapids, MI: “This can be Our Independence Day” – Video 11/8/16

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