Trump “Thank You” Tour goes to Grand Rapids, Michigan; Trump Vows to Protect the American Flag – Complete Video 12/9/16

President-elect Donald Trump’s “Thank You” Victory Tour Speech in Des Moines, Iowa – Complete Video 12/8/16

President-elect Donald Trump’s “Thank You” Victory Rally in Fayetteville, NC – Complete Video 12/6/16

President-elect Trump’s “Thank You” Victory Rally in Cincinnati, Ohio; Vows to Operate under Motto, “America First” – Complete Video 12/1/16

Watch Live Video of Donald Trump’s “Thank You” Victory Rally in Cincinnati, Ohio – 12/1/16, 7 PM ET


Trump “Victory Tour” Rallies being Planned for States He Won – 11/17/16

Trump Finishes 2016 Campaign with Rally in Grand Rapids, MI: “This can be Our Independence Day” – Video 11/8/16

Trump Taunts Biased Media at PA Rally; Crowd Roars! – Video 10/21/16

DNC Chair Donna Brazile Turns into Halting Mess when Confronted by Megyn Kelly about Inciting Violence at Trump Rallies, Passing Debate Question to Hillary – Video 10/19/16

Best Moment of the Campaign: Trump Holds, Talks to Little Boy Dressed as a Mini-Donald Trump! – Video 10/10/16

Donald Trump Holds Big Rally in High Point, NC – Complete Video 9/20/16

Donald Trump Blasts Hillary Clinton on Weak Approach to Radical Islamic Terror; Reads “The Snake” to Overflow Crowd in FL – Complete Video 9/19/16

Donald Trump Enters Miami Rally with “Les Deplorables” Backdrop: “Welcome to All of You Deplorables!” – Complete Video 9/16/16

Donald Trump Rally in Canton, Ohio – Complete Video 9/14/16

Brexit Leader Nigel Farage Rallies for Trump: “If I was an American Citizen, I wouldn’t Vote for Hillary Clinton if SHE Paid Me!” – Video 8/24/16

Trump Holds Strong Rally in Jackson, MS; Brexit Leader Nigel Farage Champions Trump – Complete Video 8/24/16

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