President Trump Again Condemns Hatred, Bigotry and Violence in Charlottesville; Slams “KKK, Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists” by Name – Video 8/14/17

President Trump Honors Veterans, Defends Religious Liberty at Rousing “Celebration of Freedom” Hosted by FBC, Dallas – Video 7/1/17

President Trump Rallies with Supporters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Vows to Push Ahead with “America First” Agenda – Complete Video 6/21/17

President Trump Delivers Outstanding Speech Honoring America’s Fallen Heroes on Memorial Day at Arlington – Complete Video 5/29/17

President Trump Confronts NATO Member Leaders about Shirking Financial Obligation to the Alliance – Complete Video 5/25/17

President Donald Trump’s Outstanding Commencement Address at Liberty University: “In America we don’t Worship Government — We Worship God” – Complete Video 5/13/17

President Donald Trump Rallies Pennsylvania Voters on the 100th Day of His Presidency – Complete Video 4/29/17

President Trump Aboard the Carrier USS Gerald R. Ford Vows “a Great Rebuilding of the U.S. Military” – Video 3/2/17

Maria Bartiromo Destroys Leftist Democrat Rep who will Bring Muslim Immigrant as Guest at Trump Speech to Congress – Video 2/26/17

President Trump Praises U.S. Military in Speech at MacDill Air Force Base; Vows to Destroy ISIS, Defeat Radical Islamic Terrorism – Video 2/6/17

President Trump Speaks at the National Prayer Breakfast; Vows to Stand Up for Religious Liberty – Complete Video 2/2/17

President Trump Speaks to Republican Retreat; Vows Aggressive Agenda will Go Forward to Make America Great Again – Complete Video 1/26/17

Donald Trump Delivers Powerful Acceptance Speech: “I am Your Voice” – Complete Video 7/21/16

Donald Trump Reacts to Hillary Clinton being Allowed to Skate: “The System is Rigged” – Complete Video 7/5/16

Donald Trump in Western Conservative Summit Speech: ISIS “Dreams” of Hillary Clinton becoming President – Complete Video 7/1/16

Donald Trump Speech on “How to Make America Rich Again”; Wants to Return U.S. To “Economic Independence” – Complete Video 6/28/16

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