Maria Bartiromo Destroys Leftist Democrat Rep who will Bring Muslim Immigrant as Guest at Trump Speech to Congress – Video 2/26/17

President Trump Praises U.S. Military in Speech at MacDill Air Force Base; Vows to Destroy ISIS, Defeat Radical Islamic Terrorism – Video 2/6/17

President Trump Speaks at the National Prayer Breakfast; Vows to Stand Up for Religious Liberty – Complete Video 2/2/17

President Trump Speaks to Republican Retreat; Vows Aggressive Agenda will Go Forward to Make America Great Again – Complete Video 1/26/17

Donald Trump Delivers Powerful Acceptance Speech: “I am Your Voice” – Complete Video 7/21/16

Donald Trump Reacts to Hillary Clinton being Allowed to Skate: “The System is Rigged” – Complete Video 7/5/16

Donald Trump in Western Conservative Summit Speech: ISIS “Dreams” of Hillary Clinton becoming President – Complete Video 7/1/16

Donald Trump Speech on “How to Make America Rich Again”; Wants to Return U.S. To “Economic Independence” – Complete Video 6/28/16

GOP, Dem Pollsters Agree that Donald Trump’s Blistering Speech on Hillary Clinton was very Effective (6/22/16)

Donald Trump Delivers Devastating Case against Hillary Clinton: “She Left them (Amb. Chris Stevens and Staff) there to Die” in Benghazi – Complete Video 6/22/16

Donald Trump Victory Speech after Winning Final 2016 GOP Primaries: “I’m Going to Fight for the American People” – Video 6/7/16

Donald Trump Speaks to “Rolling Thunder” Rally in Washington D.C.; Vows to Rebuild the U.S. Military – Complete Video 5/29/16

Donald Trump Vows to Defend the 2nd Amendment in NRA Speech; Receives NRA Endorsement; Says Hillary will “Abolish the 2nd Amendment” – Complete Video 5/20/16

Donald Trump gives Rousing Speech at New Jersey GOP Event; Chris Christie gives Great Introduction! – Complete Video 5/19/16

Donald Trump Speaks as Presumptive GOP Nominee after Winning Indiana Primary; Praises Ted Cruz as “One Hell of a Competitor” – Video 5/3/16

Donald Trump Delivers Rousing Speech at Massive Rally in Costa Mesa, CA – Complete Video 4/28/16

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