Tucker Carlson Challenges “Bill Nye the Science Guy” on Climate Change; Nye Repeatedly says, “The Science is Settled” – Video 2/27/17

Crazed Leftist Nutcase Reveals their Absolute Hatred of Donald Trump in Interview with Tucker Carlson; Says Trump is “More Dangerous than Hitler” – Video 2/21/17

Tucker Carlson: Trump was absolutely Right about “Massive Turmoil” in Sweden over Huge Influx of Immigrants from Terror-Prone Nations – Video 2/20/17

Tucker Carlson Interviews Conservative Milo Yiannopoulos on Liberal Mob at UC-Berkeley Shutting Down Free Speech – Video 2/2/17

Tucker Carlson Mocks Actress Meryl Streep’s Attack on Donald Trump at the Golden Globe Awards – Video 1/9/17

Tucker Carlson Debate American Univ. Student who wants a Trustee Fired for daring to Meet with President-elect Donald Trump – Video 12/5/16

Tucker Carlson Confronts Liberal NYT Columnist Nicholas Kristof: “Where’s your Empathy for Trump Voters?” – Video 11/17/16

Tucker Carlson does Masterful Job Interviewing an Open Borders, Rutgers Student Protester – Video 11/16/16

Tucker Carlson Calls New Ted Cruz Attack Ad against Trump for being Rich, “Silly” – Video 4/22/16

Tucker Carlson Reacts to Obama’s Latest Angry, Brooding Attack on GOP: “What a Demagogue” – Video 9/22/13

Democrat Dennis Kucinich: Obama “Risking Impeachment” if He Orders Attack on Syria without Congressional Approval – Video 8/30/13

Former CIA Operative Calls Obama CIA Director John Brennan a “Bully of the First Order” toward Subordinates – Video 8/3/13

Krauthammer Cracks Up as Tucker Carlson Rails against “Quislings and Losers” in the Media – Video 2/20/13

Tucker Carlson: Obama’s Universal Gun Background Check / Registration “So Stupid” it “Almost Doesn’t Rise to Level of Public Policy” – Video 2/4/13

Here is video of Fox News’ Megyn Kelly apologizing to Tucker Carlson and to viewers after liberal Jehmu Greene called Carlson a “bow-tying white boy” during a back-and-forth discussion of Massachusetts liberal Democrat U.S. Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren’s bizarre claim she is a minority because she is 1/32 Cherokee Indian. Carlson had made the pointed argument that it is flat wrong that Warren may have been given special status and opportunities during her career by claiming to be a minority.

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Apologizes after Liberal Jehmu Greene Calls Tucker Carlson a “Bow-Tying White Boy” – Video 5/4/12

On Fox News this morning, The Daily Caller’s Tucker Carlson spoke about Andrew Breitbart after the news broke of his sudden death at the age of 43.

Tucker Carlson on FNC Reacts to News of Andrew Breitbart’s Death – Video 3/1/12

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