Erdogan Moves Quickly to Arrest and Purge Opposition in Turkey after Failed Coup Attempt – Video 7/16/16

Radical Islamist “President” of Turkey Erdogan Speaks after Failed Coup Attempt; Massive Purge against Opposition Underway – Video 7/16/16

BREAKING: Military Coup Underway in Turkey to Depose Islamist President Tayyip Erdogan – Video Report 7/15/16

Raw Video Shows Suicide Terror Explosion inside Istanbul, Turkey Attack; At Least 10 Dead – Raw Video 6/28/16

Raw Video Reportedly Shows Ethnic Turkish Brigade Shooting at Russian Pilots Trying to Parachute to Safety – Video 11/24/15

Turkey Shoots Down Russian Military Jet – Video 11/24/15

Three U.S. Sailors Attacked by Radical Group in Istanbul, Turkey; Video Shows Bags Put over their Heads before they Escape – Video 11/12/14

President Obama gives Islamist Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan a hug at the G-20 Summit in Cannes, France. European Leaders only got handshakes.

Report: Flotilla to Sail from Turkey to Gaza in Support of Hamas; Source Says Turkish Navy to Provide “Protection” – 7/27/14

Turkish PM Erdogan Equates “Zionism” to “Fascism” at UN Conference; Calls it a “Crime against Humanity” – Video 2/28/13

Suicide Bomber Hits U.S. Embassy in Turkey; One Killed; VP Joe Biden Says It is Believed to be a “Terrorist Attack on our Embassy” – Videos 2/1/13

Wow! Here is video of Associated Press State Department reporter Matt Lee really pressing State Department Spokewoman Victoria Nuland when she refused to disagree with Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan’s apparent statement that Israel is “engaged in acts of terrorism.” He eventually got her to “agree that rhetorical attacks against Israel are not helpful.”!!!!!

This guy ought to be at the White House asking Jay Carney and Barack Obama questions. That would be entertaining!

Via The Rightnewz

AP Reporter at State Department Won’t Let Spokeswoman Off the Hook when She Won’t React to Turkish PM Accusing Israel of “Acts of Terrorism” – Video 11/19/12

While pardoning the National Thanksgiving Turkey, President Obama says, “It feels pretty good to stop at least one shellacking this November.”

Obama on Pardoning Turkeys: ‘It Feels Pretty Good to Stop At Least One Shellacking This November’ – Video

Here is video of Indiana GOP Rep. Mike Pence speaking on the House Floor where he stated emphatically that “America will stand with Israel.”

Pence said he is troubled by the actions of Turkey in sending flotillas to try and run the Israeli blockade of Gaza that led to the “grievous loss of life.” But Pence said “Israel has a right to defend itself,” and emphasized that though Turkey is an ally, it must understand that America “will stand with Israel in her inviolate right to defend herself.”

Pence also said there is no “humanitarian crisis” in Gaza – as critics of Israel frequently claim. In fact, Pence said the blockade has “saved lives” by preventing weapons from being taken into Gaza to arm Hamas. Pence said Hamas used the Gaza Strip to launch attacks against Israeli civilians. He closed by saying, “Turkey must count the cost,” sending the clear signal that further aggressive behavior against Israel would have dire consequences in terms of relations with the United States.

Of course, the problem is, with Obama in the White House, it is unlikely the U.S. will follow the clear statements set forth in these remarks by Pence. Pence said what the President of the United States should have said publicly last week.

GOP Rep. Mike Pence on House Floor: “America Will Stand With Israel” – Video 6/9/10

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria portrays Turkey as a victim and accuses the Bush administration of repeatedly “snubbing” them.

Zakaria said:
“The United States for its part did not handle Turkish relations well, especially under the previous administration. The Bush team treated Turkey with the usual mixture of arrogance and high-handedness and then was outraged when the Turkish parliament refused to go along with its war plans in Iraq. Then they repeatedly snubbed Turkey over the next few years. Now Turkey is returning the favor, moving away from the West and seeking a new role as a Middle Eastern power, as a Central Asian power. It’s economically strong, politically stable and ideologically confidence under a government that has roots in an Islamist movement.”
Read more:

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria Blames the Bush Administration for Gaza Flotilla Raid

Here is an audio transmission released by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) that is reportedly from the day they confronted the Mavi Marmara, a Pro-Palestinian ship that attempted to run the blockade on Gaza. In the transmission, you hear the Israeli Navy warn the Mavi Marmara, and the anti-Semitic responses they received from the ship.

YNet News: The IDF released on Friday an audio reproduction of the moments before Monday’s raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla.

In it, the soldiers can be heard warning the flotilla that its vessels are nearing an area under naval blockade. They are answered by calls of “Go back to Auschwitz” and “Don’t forget 9/11 guys”.

H/T Weasel Zippers

Israeli Navy Warned Turkish Ship; Received Anti-Semitic Responses – Audio

Here is raw video from the Israeli Raid on a Turkish Flotilla of ships taking aid to the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

I believe this video is from Al-Jazeera, so understand that the reporter on board the ship is trying to cast the flotilla in the best possible light. But there is a lot of raw video here from during the raid, and a good deal of it with no commentary, or with commentary in a language other than English.



Raw Video from Israeli Raid on Turkish Flotilla

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