Here is a video report by Fox News’ Griff Jenkins on the new, 112th Congress that will be sworn-in tomorrow, January 5, 2011. There are 85 new Republicans, and only nine new Democrats who will be a part of the U.S. House of Representatives. Jenkins talks to the President of the GOP Freshman Class – Austin Scott – who says they are ready to roll once John Boehner takes the gavel from Nancy Pelosi and becomes Speaker of the House.

A Look at the 112th Congress Set to be Sworn-in Tomorrow – Video Report 1/4/11

Here is video of Charles Krauthammer saying that the new GOP-controlled House of Representatives must realistically focus the next two years on “containment” of President Obama. He also said they must be careful on how the seek to reduce spending. Krauthammer advised that the GOP should cap spending and set limits, but force the Obama Administration to then implement the cuts so that their fingerprints on not on the specific programs that are cut.

Krauthammer: GOP House Must Focus on “Containment”; Forcing Obama to Implement Spending Cuts – Video 12/29/10

Here is video of White House Press Secretary telling the Press Corps that many members of Congress will be up late reading the 1924-page Omnibus Spending Bill between now and the 22nd or 23rd of December. CBS News’ Mark Knoller asked Gibbs if he really believed they would read that, and Gibbs responded that he “takes them at their word.” This drew laughter from the White House Press Corps.

Robert Gibbs Believes Congress will Read 1924-page Omnibus Bill; Gets Laughed At by Press – Video 12/14/10

President Obama is back from his 10-day Overseas Trip, where he failed on multiple fronts to achieve what he set out to do. He now faces the issue at home of whether to extend permanently the current tax rates, or raise taxes on the very Americans who own most of the small businesses and have the potential of creating jobs.

This video report has NBC News’ Chuck Todd laying out the new reality Obama faces in Congress – with more than 80 new Republicans arriving for orientation, and with the Lame-Duck session of the current Congress ready to begin.

President Obama Faces New Reality in Congress; Appears Unready to Make Bush Tax Cuts Permanent for All Americans – Video

Here is video of new Senator-Elect Rand Paul saying he will advocate for a Balanced Budget Amendment to force the U.S. Congress to control spending. Paul said he would push to change things procedurally in Congress by seeking a law that would require a Balanced Budget.

“Short of that,” Paul said, “we need a rule” that requires “Pay as you Go” – “and we need to obey the rules.”

Something tells me Rand Paul is not going to be quiet in the U.S. Senate.

Senator-elect Rand Paul Will Push for Balanced Budget Amendment to Control Federal Spending – Video 11/7/10

Here is video of Democrat Rep. John Conyers at today’s Congressional Hearing that featured comedian Stephen Colbert actually suggesting that Colbert submit his written statement for the record, but that he leave without saying anything so the committee could move ahead with their work. Conyers said he appreciated Colbert’s help in drawing so much media attention to the issue of illegal-immigrant agricultural workers, but that it would be best to move on without him.

Colbert responded to Conyers that he was there at the invitation of the Chairwoman and would be glad to leave if she wanted him to. She clearly did not want Colbert to leave.

Dem Rep. John Conyers Asks Comedian Stephen Colbert to Leave Congressional Hearing – Video 9/24/10

Wow! What a great ad!

This is GOP Candidate for Congress Sean Duffy, who is running for the open seat being vacated by Democrat Rep. David Obey – Wisconsin CD-7. Duffy comes “from a long line of lumberjacks,” and he is “ready to bring the axe to Washington.”

One of the best ads of the year! Simple but powerful.

Super Ad! GOP’s Sean Duffy “Ready to Bring the Axe to Washington” – Video

Here is video from a Town Hall Meeting held by GOP Rep. Phil Gingrey in Cedartown, Georgia on August 18, 2010. During the meeting, Gingrey took a question from “Larry,” who asked:

“When did Congress get to the point that being a Democrat or a Republican was more important than being an American?”

After thanking the man for his question, Gingrey went on to explain what he believes has brought us to this point. Gingrey pointed to the lack of “power-sharing” in Congress as a root problem. He explained how the party in the majority uses the rules to literally “shut-out” the minority party on committees, sub-committees, and in being able to offer and debate amendments to legislation. As an example he pointed to the passage of ObamaCare, which was put together without any member of the minority (GOP) party even being in the room! Gingrey, who is a physician, has 31 years of experience practicing medicine, but was never given a chance to offer input on the legislation.

That has led to every two years “being a blood bath,” as the parties try to regain the majority and control. It also results in the six months prior to each election being a period where absolutely nothing gets done. Gingrey said he favors changing the rules to bring about power-sharing, where the minority party would actually chair some of the committees in the House and Senate.

GOP Rep. Phil Gingrey Uses Town Hall Question to Explain What’s Wrong with Congress – Video

Here is video of embattled Democrat Rep. Charlie Rangel speaking to supporters where he made the understatement of the year.

Rangel told the crowd, “Many people believe that after 40 years in the Congress that some of us can get an attitude of arrogance.”

Uh, ya think?

Charlie has gone beyond mere arrogance to a complete sense of entitlement and a belief that he is untouchable.

As the Bible says, “Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.” – Proverbs 16:18

Rangel Says Many Believe After 40 Years in Congress Some of Us Have an “Attitude of Arrogance” – Video


Barbara Boxer equates serving as a policeman, firefighter, and veteran to serving in Congress.

Barbara Boxer Equates Serving In Military With Serving In Congress

Nick Popaditch an Iraq Veteran running for Congress had his wounds mocked by a cartoonist from the Imperial Valley press.

Iraq Veteran Running for Congress Mocked by Cartoon

Here is video of Democrat Rep. John Dingell being asked what he would do if he could use a “magic wand” to change things in Congress. Dingell went immediately to the U.S. Senate, saying it is slower than a “snail,” and faulted the 60-vote cloture rule for making it very difficult to get anything done. Dingell said the rule has made the Senate “undemocratic.”

It’s interesting that Democrats are all worried about the cloture rule when they are in the majority. But when they were in the minority, they did everything they could to block the agenda of President George W. Bush and other Republican Presidents. This is the same John Dingell who has had no problem with the tactics used by Dems to ram ObamaCare through against the will of the people. Hard to take him seriously.

Dem Rep. John Dingell Says U.S. Senate is “Undemocratic” and Slow – Video

“Bush Derangement Syndrome” on display once again.

Here is video of Democrat Rep. Barney Frank actually claiming that the low approval rating for his Democrat-led Congress is the fault of George W. Bush and the media.

“Well, part of it, I would revert to the fact that the media — bad news is a better story than good news. Secondly, the depths of the recession that Barack Obama inherited from George Bush were greater than I think, many people, including myself, certainly the President, realized.”

NO Congress has ever had better media coverage, and to blame Bush is preposterous. We’ll see if voters blame Bush this November.

Democrat Barney Frank Says Congress’ Low Approval is Bush’s Fault

Here is video of Democrat Rep. Phil Hare, who represents the Illinois 17th Congressional District, being caught on film walking away from constituents who were asking him some hard questions.

As he walks away on the street he hugs a woman who comes up to him and tells her, “They’re on the web again……It doesn’t matter.” He then turned to the camera and posed, saying, “Which side is my best?” At that point, a handler with Hare grabbed him by the shoulders and turned him away from the camera and they walked away.

As the video says, “How about the unelected and unemployed side?”


Democrat Rep. Phil Hare Poses for Camera and Asks, “Which side is my best?” – Video

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