Obama Derisively Calls the U.S. Constitution “The Paper”; Says He Believes in the 2nd Amendment – Video 1/5/16

Former President Jimmy Carter Praises Obama for “Going Around Congress” – Video 11/21/14

Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee Says the U.S. and our Constitution has “Lasted Some 400 Years” – Video 3/12/14

Sen. Mike Lee Precisely Nails Obama’s Power Grab: Obama Acts as if “We have a Government of One” – a “Super Executive and Super Legislator” Vested in the President – Video 2/16/14

Liberal Constitutional Law Professor Jonathan Turley Sounds the Alarm on Barack Obama’s Usurpation of Power; Cites “Cult of Personality” keeping many Democrats Silent – Video 2/12/14

George Will: Obama thinks He can “Sashay” into the White House Press Room and “Rewrite Laws” – Video 11/17/13

“Red Eye” takes Irreverent Look at Word Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to “Change the Law” so He can Run for President – Video 10/19/13

Nancy Pelosi Gets the U.S. Constitution Mixed Up with the Declaration of Independence – Video 9/23/13

Dem Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee sees the Right to ObamaCare in the Declaration of Independence

Democrat U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV)

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Pulls the Gun Bill – 4/18/13

Sen. Ted Cruz Interview with Mark Levin: We must “Defend the Bill of Rights” vs. the Democrats’ Gun-Grab Bill – Complete Audio 4/9/13

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Flashback to 2004: Hillary Clinton Declared “The Fundamental Bedrock Principle that (Marriage) Exists between a Man and a Woman” – Video

Rush Limbaugh: “The Left Looks at the Constitution and Sees Things that are not There” – Audio 3/26/13

The Bible has a description of people like Piers Morgan: “Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought. . . “ Romans 12:3.

Here is video of Piers Morgan tonight talking to Pastor Rick Warren where he decreed that both the Bible and the U.S. Constitution are “inherently flawed” – and said the Bible needs to be amended. To which, Rick Warren gave the right answer – “No,” and “Not a chance.”

Long after the opinions of Piers Morgan have faded into the sunset, God will still be using the Bible to change the lives of people.

White House Petition Calling for Deportation of Piers Morgan

Now CNN’s Piers Morgan Calls The Bible and the U.S. Constitution “Inherently Flawed”; Says “It’s Time for an Amendment to the Bible”; Pastor Rick Warren Answers, “No” – Video 12/26/12

Here is audio of Mark Levin talking with “Brad from Buffalo” (that’s our Freedom’s Lighthouse reader and commenter “Brad”) about his question at a recent Town Hall Meeting to Democrat Rep. Kathy Hochul (NY CD-26). Brad asked Hochul where she and Obama get the authority to require any private or religious entity to pay for something for free for people. Her response was very revealing. She responded: “Basically, we’re not looking to the Constitution on that aspect of it.”

Levin actually talks with “Brad from Buffalo” at the 4:23 mark of this video about his question and Hochul’s answer, and praises Brad for “exposing” Hochul – telling him “We salute you.”

We salute you too, Brad! Great job!

Mark Levin on Democrat Rep. Kathy Hochul’s “We’re Not Looking to the Constitution . . .” Remark; Praises “Brad” for “Great Question” – Audio 2/27/12

Here is Rush Limbaugh today asking if a debate on “Faith and the Constitution” were held, who would win between Rick Santorum and Barack Obama? Rush said Obama would be in big trouble because he would be forced to defend “infanticide” and “partial birth abortion.”

Rush Limbaugh: Who would Win Debate on Faith & the Constitution? Santorum or Obama? – Audio 2/27/12

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