ABC News’ Jonathan Karl Goes Off the White House Script: Asks Why Obama “Risking Default” Rather than Negotiate with GOP – Video 9/18/13

Here is video of GOP Sen. Rand Paul talking to Greta Van Susteren last night where he said members of Congress “are not to be trusted with money,” and therefore the Debt-Ceiling should not be raised UNLESS a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. constitution is passed.

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Sen. Rand Paul on Obama and the Democrats’ Desire for Increasing the U.S. Debt-Ceiling: Members of Congress “Are Not to be Trusted with Money” – Video 12/27/12

Here is video of House Speaker John Boehner saying President Obama’s desire to keep increasing spending with no intent to deal with the nation’s soaring debt “almost took my breath away.” Boehner said he had hoped to discuss with Obama a strategy to begin dealing with the debt, but instead heard Obama tell him he wants another increase in the nation’s debt ceiling with no spending cuts whatsoever!

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House Speaker John Boehner on Obama’s Desire Once Again to Increase Nation’s Debt: It “Almost Took My Breath Away” – Video 5/18/12

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Here is video of NBC’s Chuck Todd describing the contours of the compromise deal being worked out right now between President Obama and Congressional Leaders to raise the U.S. Debt Ceiling.

Todd says the deal is “very, very close,” but not yet done. The problem could be getting Democrats on board, even more than Republicans. Todd said they are talking about “only cuts” – which is not setting well with Democrats, who wanted tax increases as part of a deal. Todd said Republican leaders believe they can get around 180 GOP votes in the House, meaning they would need only around 40 Democrats to approve it in the Senate.

Some kind of very short-term (a few days) extension is possible first, while the final details of this deal get hammered out.

Debt Deal “Very, Very Close” Between Obama and Republicans; Many Democrats Not Pleased – Video Report 7/31/11

Here is video of GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann reminding everyone that Barack Obama voted against raising the Debt Ceiling when he was a U.S. Senator. Bachmann urged Obama “to listen to the voice of the people across America” on the issue. She vowed to not vote to raise the Debt Ceiling: “I will not vote to increase the Debt Ceiling.”

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann Vows Not to Vote to Increase the U.S. Debt Ceiling – Video 7/26/11

Here is video of GOP Presidential Candidate Tim Pawlenty talking with CNN’s Candy Crowley today on “State of the Union.” Crowley asked Pawlenty what he would do if he were President right now about the Debt Ceiling Crisis.

Pawlenty said he would pursue the “Cut, Cap and Balance” approach – pushing for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Pawlenty blasted Obama for “not leading,” but for “hiding in the basement.” Pawlenty asked, “Is he chicken?” Pawlenty was specifically referring to the fact Obama has not put forward a plan to raise the Debt Ceiling or to reform entitlements. Pawlenty bluntly said, Obama “doesn’t have the courage to do it.”

Tim Pawlenty Challenges Obama: Quit “Hiding in the Basement.” “Is He Chicken?” – Video 7/24/11

Here is video of House Speaker John Boehner speaking forcefully on Fox News Sunday today, where he blasted Obama and the Democrats for not having yet put forward any kind of plan to deal with the nation’s debt. He said Republicans have passed a budget, and passed a plan to raise the nation’s Debit Ceiling while also cutting spending – only to be rejected by Democrats.

“There was never any plan from the White House. The whole plan came from us. We laid out the framework. At some point, they’ve got to lay their cards on the table.”

Via Gateway Pundit

House Speaker John Boehner Blasts Obama for Not Presenting Any Plan on Debt Limit; “The House has Done Its Work. We’ve Passed a Budget. We’ve Passed a Plan” – Video 7/24/11

Here is video of liberal Arianna Huffington on “This Week” today where she said the whole “Debt Limit Crisis” is a “completely artificial crisis.” This runs counter to President Obama’s contention that “Armageddon” will occur if a deal is not reached to raise the Debt Ceiling by August 2.

Of course, Huffington thinks it’s artificial because she sees no reason to even worry about the nation’s debt. But it’s interesting she is not following the Obama line of claiming the world will end if a deal is not reached on August 2.

Via The Daily Caller

Liberal Arianna Huffington Says Debt Ceiling Crisis is “a Completely Artificial Crisis” – Video 7/24/11

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