Democrats Uncomfortable with National Debt Clock Shown on Capitol Hill; Waters, Ellison Ask that it be Removed – Video 2/26/13

Here is video of Democrat Erskine Bowles and Republican Alan Simpson on “Meet the Press” today where they blasted Obama’s vaunted “Fiscal Cliff” Deal as essentially worthless when it comes to dealing with the nation’s massive debt. These two men led Obama’s own “Debt Commission,” which he has totally ignored as far as implementing their findings.

Erskine Bowles said flatly “We have GOT to reduce this entitlement spending.” Simpson quoted Bowles as saying about the United States under Obama, “We’re the healthiest horse in the glue factory right now.” Simpons went on: “The trajectory of debt, deficit and interest will match any of the PIGS countries – Portugal, Ireland, Italy, [Greece] Spain. . .”

Bi-Partisan Bowles & Simpson Blast Obama’s Vaunted “Fiscal Cliff” Deal: “We’re the Healthiest Horse in the Glue Factory. . . . The Trajectory of Debt, Deficit and Interest will Match any of the PIGS Countries” – Video 1/6/13

Here is a new “Americans for Prosperity” ad reminding everyone that Barack Obama himself said in 2009 that if he did not have the U.S. Economy turned around in three years, he would be looking at a “one-term proposition.”

Obama actually promised to have the U.S. Deficit “cut in half” by the end of his first-term in office. Instead, it is half again larger! By his own words and standards, Barack Obama has failed, and is not due a second term in office.

New “Americans for Prosperity” Ad Reminds Voters of Obama’s “One-Term Proposition” Remark – Video 8/8/12

Here is video of House Speaker John Boehner saying President Obama’s desire to keep increasing spending with no intent to deal with the nation’s soaring debt “almost took my breath away.” Boehner said he had hoped to discuss with Obama a strategy to begin dealing with the debt, but instead heard Obama tell him he wants another increase in the nation’s debt ceiling with no spending cuts whatsoever!

Via Daily Caller by way of The Rightnewz.com

House Speaker John Boehner on Obama’s Desire Once Again to Increase Nation’s Debt: It “Almost Took My Breath Away” – Video 5/18/12

5/15/12 – Here is complete video of Gov. Mitt Romney’s speech in Des Moines, Iowa on the “prairie fire” of debt and deficits created by Barack Obama that is facing the nation. In the speech, Romney said the unprecedented debt run up by Barack Obama amounts to over $500,000 for every American household, which he described as a “nightmare mortgage” with an adjustable rate that could go up at any time.

Romney did a fantastic job in this speech of framing the situation facing the country in terms everyone can get their arms around. The “nightmare mortgage” analogy is outstanding, and powerful. He needs to hammer on this from now to November 6. Best speech yet by Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney Economic Speech in Iowa: Obama’s “Nightmare Mortgage” for America – Complete Video 5/15/12

For the liberal media desperate to protect Barack Obama, it’s open season on Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

Here is Breitbart.tv video showing how MSNBC appears to have clipped remarks by Rick Perry to make it look like he was making a racist remark. Perry actually was saying the huge debt hanging over America is like a “big-black cloud” hanging over the economy. Actually, the term “big-black cloud” is often used for something bad or menacing. But Schultz explicitly said Rick Perry was referring to Barack Obama.

But Breitbart.tv found the more complete video of Perry’s remarks, which clearly show he identified the “big-black cloud” – both before and after his use of the phrase – as the nation’s debt, and NOT Barack Obama. MSNBC apparently forgot to include both of those mentions in their video clip.

Breitbart.tv Exposes Liberal Hit Job on Rick Perry to Misconstrue His Use of the Phrase “Big-Black Cloud” Hanging Over the Country – Video 8/16/11

Here is video of Patricia Powell, founder and CEO of the Powell Financial Group, appearing on Fox News today, where she advised Americans to have cash on hand in the event there is no deal on the Debt Limit by August 2. Powell suggested people should have “$1,000” in cash, because there is an outside chance people could have trouble accessing their credit.

“For most of us, if we had $1,000 in bills in our drawer, we would be fine. I don’t expect you’re going to need them. But you know what? If you need them, it’d be nice to have.”

Via The Daily Caller

Financial Adviser Interviewed on Fox News Suggests Everyone Have “$1,000 Cash on Hand” as August 2 Debt Limit Deadline Approaches – Video 7/30/11

If you haven’t already seen it, you must go here to see an incredible visualization of America’s massive national debt. Sobering, to say the least.

An Incredible Visualization of America’s National Debt

GOP Rep. Steve King warned on Twitter today that if President Obama allows the U.S. to default on its interest payments, it would be an impeachable offense. King tweeted, “C C & B,” short for “Cut, Cap, and Balance” – the plan to raise the debt ceiling and cut spending already passed by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. Obama has been using the threat of “default” as leverage to try and get what he wants.

GOP Rep. Steve King Tweets: “Obama Would be Impeached if He Blocked Debt Payments”

The New York Post reports this morning a sign that President Obama may be starting to crack on his demand for a huge, long-term Debt Limit Deal that includes tax-increases. Obama had said he would not sign any kind of a shorter-term deal to raise the debt limit. But his aides yesterday began to sound like he would accept a smaller, shorter-term deal “if that’s all they can get”:

NEW YORK POST: The White House yesterday cracked the door open for a smaller, GOP-backed debt-limit deal to avert a looming financial crisis.

Statements made by a top aide show that for the first time, the administration could back off its hard-line demands for a large, sweeping deal to increase the debt limit.

For weeks, President Obama has touted a massive $4 trillion plan that would hike taxes, increase spending cuts and overhaul Social Security and Medicaid.

House GOP leaders instead offered a smaller deal with only spending cuts that would increase the debt limit by $2.4 trillion, just enough to last until after the 2012 elections. Obama’s top staffers for the first time yesterday said a smaller bargain will do, if that’s all they can get. . . . Read More

Is President Obama Beginning to Crack in Debt Limit Showdown?

The arrogance of President Obama was on full display at his Press Conference today.

CBS News’ Chip Reid asked one of the rare pointed questions of Obama at one of these events. He pointed out that a huge majority of Americans disagree with Obama about raising the Debt Ceiling. Reid asked Obama if it was not true that he has failed to convince the American people that we have a crisis on our hands.

Obama’s answer? The general American public “is not paying close attention” to what is going on, as opposed to profesional politicians. In other words – Americans are just too stupid or ignorant to know what’s good for them!

It just couldn’t be that Americans are right, and Obama is out in Left field – could it?

Obama Arrogance Again on Display: Americans Oppose Debt Ceiling Increase because they are “Not Paying Close Attention” to what is Going On – Video 7/11/11

GOP Rep. Paul Ryan has used Twitter to challenge President Barack Obama to a debate on how to deal with the debt crisis facing the nation:

Anyone think Obama will be willing to do so?

H/T Gateway Pundit

GOP Rep. Paul Ryan Challenges “Fear-Mongering” President Obama to a Debate on the Nation’s Debt Crisis

In our Weekly Poll for June 26 – July 3, we asked what readers thought would be President Barack Obama’s biggest obstacle to re-election by the time November 2012 rolls around. The clear winner with 59% of the vote was “Unemployment.” A strong second was the “Massive U.S. Debt” with 29%:

59% Unemployment

29% Massive U.S. Debt

9% Monetary Crisis

2% A Foreign Policy Crisis

2% Social Issues

1% High Gas Prices

Thanks for participating in our Weekly Poll. Please vote in the new poll found in the sidebar. A new poll is posted each Sunday.

Poll Archives

FL Weekly Poll Result: 59% Believe “Unemployment” Will be Obama’s Biggest Obstacle to Re-Election by November of 2012 – 7/3/11

Here is audio of Rush Limbaugh yesterday heaping praise on GOP Rep. Paul Ryan for his 2012 GOP Budget Proposal that would cut $6.2 trillion is spending over 10 years. Limbaugh said the proposal – being rolled out today – “is wonderful.”

Limbaugh said he talked with Ryan on the phone and described the budget proposal as “superb” on substance and “brilliant politically.” The budget is “growth oriented,” and will “throw so many balls in the air” that Democrats will have a hard time knowing how to attack it.

Paul Ryan has an opinion piece out today in the Wall Street Journal that talks about the budget proposal he will unveil.

H/T Hot Air

Limbaugh Calls Paul Ryan 2012 Budget Proposal “Superb” on Substance and “Brilliant Politically” – Audio 4/4/11

Here is video of GOP Sen. Rand Paul talking to Neil Cavuto yesterday where he said he and some of his fellow-Republicans will present a bold 5-year plan to “balance the budget,” along with a “Balanced Budget Amendment.” Paul voted against the 2-week temporary extension of the debt limit, and believes Republicans must be bolder than they have been up to now.

“Basically, the President has abdicated leadership on this issue. He’s doing nothing but adding and drowning our country in debt. . . . I think we face something like what happened to Greece, what is facing Japan, and what is facing most of the civilized world now is that we’re way overspent. And it’s going to take dramatic changes – it’s going to take bold leadership. I don’t think we’re seeing that. . . . Someone has to step up and take responsibility for this debt.”

GOP Sen. Rand Paul: Obama is “Drowning Our Country in Debt”; “Someone has to Step Up and Take Responsibility” – Video 3/2/11

Here is video of GOP Sen. Tom Coburn saying that the United States must learn to “live within our means.” He warned that if we do not, “we have a bleak future.”

Sen. Tom Coburn: U.S. Must Live “Within Our Means”; If Not, “We Have a Bleak Future” – Video 12/26/10

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