Obama Economy Humming Along: U.S. Economy Shrank by 0.7% in the First Quarter of 2015 – Video 5/29/15

Economist Delivers Body Blow to Obama Economy: “There is No Improvement in the Economy” – Video 2/11/15

CNBC’s Steve Liesman: January Jobs Report “Weak” and a “Disappointment” – Video 2/7/14

Economist Peter Morici on the Threats to the U.S. Economy in 2014: From ObamaCare to Potential China Crash – Video 1/1/14

May 2013 Jobs Report Shows Unemployment Rate Rising to 7.6%; Manufacturing Sector Loses Jobs for Third Month in a Row – Video Report 6/7/13

VP Joe Biden: Americans are “No Longer Worried about our Economy being Overwhelmed. . .” – Video 2/25/13

Listening to Harvard Economics Professor and former Chair of the Council on Economic Advisers – Martin Feldstein – there is no end in sight to the Economic misery facing the nation.

Harvard Economics Professor Martin Feldstein gives Grim Assessment of U.S. Economy Going Forward: “We’ll be Lucky to Get 2% Real GDP Growth” – Video 1/30/13

Oh how wonderful the Obama Economy.

Above is video of CNBC’s Rick Santelli reacting to the negative growth number for the U.S. Economy in the 4th Quarter of 2012, -0.1%. Santelli said:

“When you act like Europe, you get growth rates like Europe. Our discussions with economists sound like we’re in Europe. They’re always doing the right thing. They’re always thinking they know better, and this the kind of growth. We have become Europe. We are now Europe.”

Thanks to Barack Obama and the Democrats, that about sums it up.

CNBC: The U.S. economy posted a stunning drop of 0.1 percent in the fourth quarter, defying expectations for slow growth and possibly providing incentive for more Federal Reserve stimulus.

The economy shrank from October through December for the first time since the recession ended, hurt by the biggest cut in defense spending in 40 years, fewer exports and sluggish growth in company stockpiles.

The Commerce Department said Wednesday that the economy contracted at an annual rate of 0.1 percent in the fourth quarter. That’s a sharp slowdown from the 3.1 percent growth rate in the July-September quarter.

The surprise contraction could raise fears about the economy’s ability to handle tax increases that took effect in January and looming spending cuts. . . . Read More

The Obama Economy – U.S. Economy Shrank in Q4 2012; CNBC’s Rick Santelli Says, “When You Act like Europe, You Get Growth Rates like Europe. . . We have become Europe. We are Now Europe” – Video 1/30/13

Here is video of noted conservative economist Art Laffer predicting “the economy is going to be really bad in 2013” thanks to the higher taxes, bigger spending policies of Barack Obama. Laffer said Obama will win his battle for raising taxes, and he thinks the Republicans need to pass a bill in the House extending the current tax rates for all Americans. That way, Democrats will have to go on record supporting a separate piece of legislation that raises taxes, which Laffer said will “Make them own it.”

Laffer pointed out there will be 33 Senate seats up in 2014, and predicted Republicans will retake control of the U.S. Senate because the economy will be terrible in 2013, 2014 under Obama and the Democrats.

Economist Art Laffer: “The Economy is Going to be Really Bad in 2013” thanks to Obama’s Tax and Spend Policies; Predicts GOP Will Retake the Senate in 2014 – Video 12/8/12

Wow. The Obama Campaign has to love this.

Here is video of former Obama Economic Adviser – Austan Goolsbee – telling Sean Hannity last night he would give Barack Obama a “C” grade on the current state of the U.S. Economy, and “at least a passing grade” on Obama’s policies when it comes to the Economy. Not exactly high praise. And that’s from someone who worked in the Obama Administration! We know the reality is far worse than a “C”.

Another ready-made ad for Romney.

Former Obama Economic Adviser Austan Goolsbee Gives Obama only a “C” on U.S. Economy; “At Least a Passing Grade” on Policies – Video 10/19/12

Here is a new “Crossroads GPS” Ad to air in Battleground states that mocks Barack Obama for his many “excuses” as to why he has not done what he said he would do in turning around the U.S. Economy.

New “Crossroads GPS” Ad Mocks Obama’s many “Excuses” for the Obama Economy – Video 7/6/12

Rush Limbaugh reacts to President Obama’s “the private sector is doing fine” gaffe yesterday. Limbaugh said that in Obama’s World, twice as many people on Food Stamps means “the private sector is doing fine.” Limbaugh said that Obama thinks the more people he can get dependent on the Federal Government, the more votes it will mean for Democrats.

Limbaugh: Maybe to Obama, Twice as Many People on Food Stamps Means “Private Sector Doing Fine” – Audio 6/8/12

An obviously irritated Barack Obama had to clarify his ridiculous remark earlier today, that “the private sector is doing fine.” His remark set off a firestorm, with both Mitt Romney and the Republican National Committee immediately making hay out of the statement. By this afternoon, Obama had to address the fallout by trying to clarify his remark, this time saying “It’s absolutely clear the Economy is not doing fine.”

That statement will make yet another great ad!

President Barack Obama Tries to Rehabilitate His “The Private Sector is Doing Fine” Gaffe – Video 6/8/12

A devastating ad that makes Obama look totally ridiculous.

This Republican National Committee (RNC) ad is entirely composed of Obama’s own words – or should I say one single word – shown repeated on 17 different occasions during his term in office – “Headwinds.” From 2010 until now, Obama repeatedly blames serious “headwinds” for the bad U.S. Economy, made far worse under his policies. The ad closes with this line:

Devastating New RNC Ad Shows Obama Blaming “Headwinds” 17 Times for the Obama Economy: “Maybe it’s Time for Obama to Look in the Mirror” – Video 6/8/12

In Presidential Campaigns, sometimes there are issues or arguments that arise that really seem to resonate – ones that can make a real difference in the outcome. This may be one of those.

Here is video of Mitt Romney making the statement that a pro-Obama writer has written that Obama and his team actually discussed the reality that passage of ObamaCare would slow down the U.S. Economic recovery – but decided to push it through anyway. In other words, as Romney explains, Barack Obama did not put job creation and economic recovery first – he put his legacy first. Over at HotAir, Allahpundit sums up the significance of this attack very well:

HOTAIR: What makes this attack bruising, of course, is not only that it ties Obama’s two biggest political liabilities together, it blows a hole in the idea that he’s some centrist pragmatist who’s working around the clock to generate jobs for the unemployed. On the contrary: When faced with the biggest economic crisis in decades, he passed a stimulus and then spent the better part of a year obsessing over the mega-boondoggle atop his Great Society II wishlist. It makes him look grossly negligent on the key issue of the election, in service to a program that a huge chunk of the public hates and which may end up being cashiered by the Supreme Court before the month is out. If Romney can somehow convince people that ObamaCare is part of the reason why the economy’s still as sluggish as it is, I think he’s got a killer attack line. More of this, please. . . . Read More

Something tells me we will be hearing a LOT more of this.

Mitt Romney: Obama Knew ObamaCare would Slow Down Economic Recovery – and Pushed it through Anyway – Video 6/6/12

Here’s the message Mitt Romney will try to hammer home from now to November.

CLEVELAND PLAIN-DEALER (Guest Op-Ed by Mitt Romney): Dear Mr. President,

Welcome to Ohio. I have a simple question for you: Where are the jobs?

As we enter the fourth year of your term, unemployment is over 8 percent and has been for your entire term. Nearly 23 million men and women are unemployed, underemployed or are no longer even looking for work. In the face of such challenges, many Americans have simply given up hope.

I recognize, of course, as do all Americans, that you inherited an economic crisis. But you’ve now had three years to turn things around. The record of those three years is clear. Your policies have failed, not only in Ohio, but across the nation. The results are a continuing tragedy for millions upon millions of people. Everywhere I go, I meet Americans who are tired of being tired, and many of those who are fortunate enough to have a job are working harder for less. This is not the way it is supposed to be in America. This is not the way it needs to be.

Mr. President, forgive me for being blunt, but when it comes to economic affairs, you’re out of your depth. . . . Read More

Mitt Romney Challenges Barack Obama in Ohio Op-Ed: “Where are the Jobs? . . . . Mr. President, forgive me for being blunt, but when it comes to economic affairs, you’re out of your depth” – 5/5/12

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