Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Delivers Powerful Speech at UN on Threat of Iran: President “Rouhani is a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” – Video 10/1/13

Ambassador John Bolton: U.N. Security Council Vote on Syria a Big NothingBurger; “The Real Victory is with Assad and the Russians” – Video 9/27/13

Judge Andrew Napolitano: Barack Obama “Hates Guns”; Says Obama would Sign U.N. Weapons Treaty that “Tramples” the 2nd Amendment; Won’t “Get to First Base” – Video 4/4/12

Paletinian Authority Leader Mahmoud Abbas essentially declared victory today as he received a hero’s welcome returning to the West Bank city of Ramallah. Abbas, after seeing the United Nations recognize the Palestinians as a non-member observer state, declared today that some day, the Palestinian flag will fly over Jerusalem as the “eternal capital of the state of Palestine”:

ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS: PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas Sunday promised someday the PA flag would fly over “Jerusalem, eternal capital of the state of Palestine.”

Thousands of people greeted Abbas rapturously upon his return from the United Nations, where the General Assembly granted the PLO, representing the PA, upgraded status as a nonmember observer state.

“Raise your heads high, because you are Palestinians!” Abbas told the joyous crowd, waving PA flags in the PA capital of Ramallah, located in Samaria.

“You have proof that you are stronger than the occupation, because you are Palestinians… stronger than the settlements, because you are Palestinians.

“We were threatened with punishment and sanctions from various sides,” Abbas continued, in a reference to attempts by the United States and Israel to dissuade him from proceeding with the application.

“And if we had listened to those threats we wouldn’t have gone to the U.N.

“One day, a young Palestinian will raise the Palestinian flag over Jerusalem,” he vowed, “the eternal capital of the state of Palestine!”. . . Read More

Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas Returns from U.N. to Hero’s Welcome; Declares “One Day a Young Palestinian Boy with Raise the Palestinian Flag over Jerusalem” – Video Report 12/2/12

Here is audio of Mark Levin tonight blasting the United Nations as being filled with “thugs, genocidal maniacs and other freaks” after the world body voted to recognize Palestine as an Observer State – even though the Palestinians still refuse to even recognize Israel’s right to exist. Levin said, “The U.N. is not our friend.”

Mark Levin Blasts United Nations after Vote Recognizing Palestine as Observer State: “The U.N. is Not our Friend. . . It is Populated Overwhelmingly with Thugs, Genocidal Maniacs and other Freaks” – Audio 11/29/12

Florida senator Marco Rubio has issued a press release opposing UN recognition of Palestine. He has also announced that he is co-sponsoring an amendment that would prohibit US taxpayer dollars from funding the U.N. if they proceed with recognizing Palestinine as a non-member state.

Here is the text of Rubio’s statement: “I oppose this unilateral move by the government of president Abbas and regret its reckless endorsement by the United Nations. True peace and international recognition of a Palestinian state can only be achieved through direct negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians. The Palestinian people would be much better served if the Palestinian Authority were to spend its energies in responding to several Israeli calls for direct negotiations. As the Senate debates the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), I am proud to be a co-sponsor of an amendment to prohibit U.S. taxpayer funding for the United Nations in the event the organization upgrades Palestine’s status from permanent observer ‘entity’ before a comprehensive peace agreement has been reached with Israel. The Senate should swiftly adopt it.”

Marco Rubio Proposes Defunding the UN

A powerful statement today by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the move by the Palestinians and their allies at the United Nations today to have Palestine recognized by the U.N. as an observer state. The resolution is expected to pass in the General Assembly. The United States has said it will oppose the move.

Netanyahu points out that Palestine should not be recognized as an official state until it officially recognizes Israel’s right to exist. Netanyahu bluntly issued a warning to the United Nations:

“As for the rights of the Jewish people in this land, I have a smiple message for those gathered in the General Assembly today. No decision by the U.N. can break the 4,000 year-old bond between the people of Israel, and the land of Israel.”

UPDATED: The U.N. General Assembly has voted to recognize Palestine as an observer state:

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu on U.N. Move to Recognize Palestine as an Observer State: “No Decision by the U.N. can Break the 4,000 Year-Old Bond between the People of Israel and the Land of Israel” – Video 11/29/12 UPDATED: U.N. Recognizes Palestine as Observer State by 138-9-41 Vote; U.S. Calls Move “Unfortunate” and “Counterproductive”

Here is video of ABC News’ Jake Tapper telling Greta Van Susteren that there “really isn’t an explanation that’s been forthcoming” from Barack Obama and his White House as to why he refused to meet with any World Leaders at the United Nations this week – including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Tapper said Obama had 12 meetings last year when he went to the U.N.

Jake Tapper: There “Really Isn’t an Explanation that’s been Forthcoming” on why Obama Refused to Meet with World Leaders at U.N.; Held “12 Meetings” Last Year – Video 9/24/12

Via The Daily Caller, here is a 1998 video by the John Birch Society in which Rep. Ron Paul appeared, warning against the danger that a United Nations takeover would pose in the future to Second Amendment, Private Property, and Freedom to Worship Rights.

1998 John Birch Society Video Featured Rep. Ron Paul Warning about the Danger of a United Nations Takeover – Video

Here is video of Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu speaking at the United Nations today where he told some uncomfortable truths about the reality of things in the Middle East. Netanyahu told the U.N. that Israel wants peace, and a Palestinian state with security. But that can only be achieved with direct negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and Israel – something the Palestinians have been unwilling to do. Netanyahu said the Palestinians “want a state without peace – and you shouldn’t let that happen.”

Netanyahu is a great leader.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Tells U.N. the Palestinians “Want a State without Peace, and You Shouldn’t Let that Happen” – Video 9/23/11

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Defying U.S. and Israeli opposition, Palestinians asked the United Nations on Friday to accept them as a member state, sidestepping nearly two decades of failed negotiations in the hope this dramatic move on the world stage would reenergize their quest for an independent homeland.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was greeted by sustained applause and appreciative whistles as he approached the dais in the General Assembly hall to deliver a speech outlining his people’s hopes and dreams of becoming a full member of the United Nations. Some members of the Israeli delegation, including Foreign Minister Avigdor Liebermann, left the hall as Abbas approached the podium.

(Read More)

Palestinian President Submits U.N. Statehood Bid – Video 9/23/11

Here is video of Rush Limbaugh yesterday lampooning President Obama for committing a major protocol gaffe during a photo-shoot with other world leaders yesterday at the United Nations. Obama was standing in the midst of the group photo shoot and waved his hand, obscuring the face of the Mongolian leader. This clip shows the photo of Obama waving, as well as video of it, in addition to Limbaugh’s comments.

Via Gateway Pundit

I’ve been traveling for several days. Working on getting the polling data updated. Look for updates soon.

Rush Limbaugh Lampoons Obama’s “Hand-Waving” U.N. Gaffe – Video 9/21/11

Here is a video report from Nigeria on the bomb that hit a United Nations building in the capital city of Abuja. The report shows raw video from the scene, with a large hole blown in the side of the building. The report states it is “highly likely” it was a car bomb carried out by “Islamic Militants,” from a group whose name means, “Western Education is a Sin.” The group has been waging a “low-level war in the Northeast of the country.”

The report indicates at least seven people are dead, with many more injured.

Report: “Highly Likely” Car-Bombing of U.N. Building in Nigeria Carried Out by “Islamic Militant” Group; At Least Seven People Dead – Video Report 8/26/11

Here is a video report on news that a United Nations building in Nigeria’s capital of Abuja has been hit with a bomb blast. Initial reports say an entire wing of the building was “leveled.” It appears to have been a car bomb. No word yet on casualties . . . . Developing

UPDATE 8:17 AM ET - AP is reporting that a witness on the scene says “many people are dead.” Apparently, up to 400 people normally work in the building that was hit by a car bomb.

United Nation’s Building in Nigerian Capital Hit by Bomb Blast; “Entire Wing Leveled” – Video Report 8/26/11 UPDATE: Witness Says “Many People are Dead”

Fox News — Despite numerous breaches of arms embargoes and continued threats to expand its nuclear weapons program, North Korea has assumed the presidency of the United Nations Conference on Disarmament. In a speech to the 65-nation arms control forum in Geneva, the newly-appointed president, North Korean Ambassador So Se Pyong, said he was “very much committed to the Conference.”

Appointing a North Korean to chair the UN’s only multilateral disarmament forum is like “asking the fox to guard the chickens,” says Hillel Neuer, of the UN watchdog organization UN Watch. Neuer is calling on the U.S. and European governments to protest the appointment, which he says, “damages the UN’s credibility.”

(Read More)

Report: North Korea to Chair UN Disarmament Conference – 6/29/11

Over at the MADASHECC blog, one of our frequent readers, Mad Jen, has posted an article on a United Nations plan for “sustainable development” that if actually implemented, would change our lives all the way to the local level. It’s called “Agenda 21.” The video above explains a great deal about it, and you can head over to Mad Jen’s article for much more:

MADASHECC: I have been deliberately ignoring everything I’ve been seeing lately about “Agenda 21″. I don’t know if it’s because I just didn’t want to know what it was, or because I was just hoping that it was some sort of big time conspiracy theory that I could ignore. But I finally looked into it, and I’m terrified at what I have found.

For those of you who don’t yet know what Agenda 21 is, in a nutshell, it’s the UN’s solution to figuring out how to implement “sustainable development” worldwide. In other words, it’s a way to ensure that people do not use resources any further than they can be replenished naturally. This sounds all well and good until you think about the sort of things that would have to be implemented in order to make that happen.

The video above sums up the danger quite nicely, I recommend you view that first before you read any further. . . . . Read More

American Thinker has also posted an article on Agenda 21.

The United Nations’ “Agenda 21″ and How it Could Impact Your Life – Video

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