Mike Pence takes the Oath of Office as the 48th Vice-President of the United States – Video 1/20/17

Donald Trump Announces on Twitter Gov. Mike Pence as His Vice-Presidential Running Mate; News Conference Saturday – Video Report 7/15/16


Report: “95 Percent Chance” Gov. Mike Pence will be Donald Trump’s VP Pick; Indiana Rally Scheduled for Tuesday

Here is video from this morning of Vice-President Joe Biden taking the Oath of Office and being sworn-in for a Second Term as Vice-President of the United States. Biden took the Oath at the vice-President’s Residence, administered by Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court Sonia Sotomayor. He took the Oath earlier in the morning because Sotomayor had another scheduled engagement later in the day out of town.

President Obama will be officially sworn-in at the White House just before 12 Noon today ET. Both Biden and Obama will repeat the swearing-in at the public ceremony to be held at the U.S. Capitol tomorrow just before Noon ET.

Vice-President Joe Biden Officially Sworn-in for Second Term as Vice-President of the United States – Video 1/20/13

Here is video of Vice-President Joe Biden, acting as President of the U.S. Senate, reading the official results of the 2012 Presidential Electoral Vote. The results had been read state-by-state by representatives from both the House and the Senate, with Sen. Chuck Schumer delivering the totals to Vice-President Biden.

The official results: Barack Obama 332, Mitt Romney 206.

Vice-President Joe Biden Announces the Official Tally of 2012 Presidential Electoral Votes: Obama 332, Romney 206 – Video 1/4/13

Here is audio of Gov. Mitt Romney telling Wisconsin radio station WTMJ he would “have to consider” Wisconsin GOP Rep. Paul Ryan as a Vice-Presidential nominee. Ryan endorsed Romney for President this morning.

Romney said he did not want to be presumptuous since he has not secured the nomination, and he said he has not made a list of VP prospects. But he said that whoever becomes the nominee would have to consider Paul Ryan for the VP slot.

Mitt Romney Says He would “Have to Consider” Paul Ryan for Vice-President – Audio 3/30/12

Speculation is rampant this morning that President Obama will boot Vice-President Joe Biden off the ticket in 2012 and replace him with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo:

NEW YORK POST: A Prominent Republican is joining a prominent Democrat in predicting that Gov. Cuomo will become President Obama’s running mate for vice president next year.

Former New York GOP boss William Powers, credited with playing a key role in electing Rudy Giuliani mayor and George Pataki governor, was effusive in his praise of Cuomo’s successes in the just-ended legislative session, and in his prediction of the freshman governor’s political future. “Andrew had a fabulous session. It was fabulous. A property-tax cap, ethics reform and, for Democrats, gay marriage,” said Powers.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt Obama is going to pick him as his running mate. The president is in trouble and [Vice President Joseph] Biden doesn’t bring anything to his ticket.

“The president will call him up later this year and say, ‘Andrew, you have to do this for the good of the country.’ What’s Andrew going to say, ‘No?’ “

Cuomo, who saw a flurry of predictions last week in the wake of the gay-marriage victory that he’ll run for president in 2016, has repeatedly refused to discuss the possibility of higher office.

He wouldn’t comment either on Powers’ prediction, but a source familiar with his thinking half-jokingly said this when asked what action Cuomo would take if Obama called to offer him the nation’s No. 2 position: “He won’t answer.”

Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown earlier this year also predicted that Obama would pick Cuomo to replace Biden, who he claimed would be named by the president to replace Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. . . . Read More

I really don’t think this will happen. If it does, it will show just how desperate Barack Obama is in his bid for re-election. To replace Biden would be a tacit admission that he made a bad choice to begin with – which is true, of course, but Obama is not very good at admitting he’s wrong.

If he does replace Biden with Cuomo, it won’t help him in the General Election. Cuomo is from New York – which is already a virtual lock for Obama. Cuomo will now be known primarily as the Governor who brought Gay-Marriage to New York. The Left won’t believe this, but Gay-Marriage is still not popular with a huge number of Americans. In fact, whenever an amendment upholding traditional marriage and banning same-sex marriage has been placed on the ballot, it has won in every state (except for one proposition in Colorado) – including far-Left California. Running on bringing Gay-Marriage to the whole country by picking Cuomo, is not going to help Obama get re-elected.

Speculation Grows that Obama will Dump Joe Biden in 2012 for Gov. Andrew Cuomo as VP

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