Trump Presser: Trump Trolls Putin on Expelling U.S. Diplomats – Video 8/10/17

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Speaks Bluntly at Press Conference following Meeting with Putin in Moscow – Video 4/12/17

Huckabee: Trump Acting “more Statesmanlike” in Refusing to Call Vladimir Putin “a Murderer, or a Thug on International TV” – Video 2/6/17

Bill O’Reilly’s Pre-Super Bowl Interview with President Donald Trump – Video 2/5/17


Russia Laughs Off “Lame” Obama Retaliation; Won’t Expel U.S. Diplomats in Response to Obama’s Expulsion of Russian Diplomats – 12/30/16

Trump on “Morning Joe” Talks Dealing with Putin: “At Least He’s a Leader, Unlike what We have in this Country. . . Our Country does Plenty of Killing Also, Joe” – Video 12/18/15

Putin Issues Threat of Using Nuclear Weapons against ISIS, but Hopes it will “Never be Needed” – 12/8/15

Kasparov: “Putin in One Week Kicked America Out of. . . the Middle East” – Video 10/11/15

“60 Minutes'” Steve Kroft Tells Delusional Obama, Putin “is Challenging Your Leadership” – Video 10/9/15

Obama Apologist Plays the “Treason” Card on Rich Lowry for Calling Obama “Weak” in Dealing with Putin – Video 10/6/15

Obama Says Putin Moving into the Middle East “Out of Weakness” – Video 10/2/15

Russia’s Putin, Medvedev Work Out Together for the Cameras – Video 8/30/15

Dem Sen. Bob Menendez: “Weakness is a Greater Provocation for Putin to Act than Strength” – Video 8/31/14

Fox News Panel Slams Obama’s Weak, Lethargic Press Conference Performance – Video 8/6/14

President Obama Speaks to Press; Issues Weak Statement on Middle East and Shoot Down of MH17 – Video 7/21/14

Contrast Reagan’s 1983 Speech on Russians Shooting Down KAL007 to Obama’s 40 Seconds on Shoot Down of Malaysian Airliner with Russian Missile – Videos 9/5/1983, 7/17/14

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