Here is video of White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today insisting that the President of the United States had no idea about the scandal involving Gen David Petraeus until the day after the Presidential Election. ABC News’ Jonathan Karl asked how that was possible, and Jay Carney essentially punted to the FBI.

Jay Carney Claims President Obama did not Know about Petraeus Scandal until Day after the Election; Reporter Asks How that Could be the Case – Video 11/13/12

There is little doubt that Barack Obama is supremely overconfident about his chances for re-election.

Here is video of Fox News’ Ed Henry asking at a White House Briefing about Obama’s recent arrogant declaration that he has “another five years” to get his agenda implemented, as if his win in November is a foregone conclusion. Obama’s spokesman explains he is just “confident.”

Via HotAirPundit

Ed Henry at White House Briefing Asks about Obama’s Arrogant, “I’ve Got Five More Years” Statement; Spokesman Confirms Obama is “Confident” – Video 2/24/12

Fox News has been awarded the coveted front row seat in the White House Briefing Room, a decision made by the White House Correspondents Association. The Associated Press will take over the seat formerly held by Helen Thomas, who resigned under pressure earlier this year after making anti-Semitic remarks. Fox News will slide into the former AP seat on the front row.

Fox News Awarded Coveted Front Row Seat in White House Briefing Room – Video

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