Watch CNN Call the 2016 Presidential Election for Donald Trump – Video 11/9/16

Lanny Davis Tries to Tell CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that Hillary Clinton did Nothing Wrong with Her Emails; Wolf Challenges – Video 8/29/16


What Bias? CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Gloria Borger Drink and Dance to Celebrate Hillary Clinton’s Nomination – Video 7/28/16

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer: FBI Director Assessment of Clinton “Very Damning” – Video 7/5/16

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan has Passed Away at Age 94 – Video 3/6/16

Donald Trump Extensive Interview with Wolf Blitzer; Hammers Ted Cruz as having “a Lot of Problems” – Video 1/25/16

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Calls Out DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz on “Limited” Number of Debates – Video 12/16/15

Hillary Clinton won’t Say She has Watched Horrific Planned Parenthood Videos; Won’t Say She’s Confident No Federal Law Violated – Video 9/17/15

Sen. Feinstein Bristles at being Questioned on Dems Hatchet Job Report on Interrogations – Video 12/9/14

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Asks Brown Family Lawyer if Michael Brown had any Kind of Criminal Record: “Not that We Know Of” – Video 12/1/14

Hamas Spokesman Will Not Retract View that Jews Killed Christians to use their Blood to make Matzos – Video 8/4/14

Sen. Ted Cruz Demands Answers on FAA 2-Day Ban on U.S. Air Travel to Israel; Believes Obama, Kerry Trying to Pressure Israel – Video 7/24/14

Michael Bloomberg Speaks with CNN from Jerusalem; Again Blasts FAA Decision to Halt U.S. Air Traffic into Israel – Video 7/23/14

President Barack Obama

CNN Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin: Barack Obama “Clearly Broke the Law” with Release of Taliban Butchers – Video 6/2/14

Mitt Romney Again Declares He Will Not Run for President Again: “I’ve had My Turn. . . I’m Not Running for President. . .” – Video 2/5/14

CNN’s Dana Bash Reports a Source close to Gov. Mike Huckabee Says He Will Decide on 2016 Presidential Run “Sometime After Midterm Elections” – Video 1/24/14

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