Michael Bloomberg Speaks with CNN from Jerusalem; Again Blasts FAA Decision to Halt U.S. Air Traffic into Israel – Video 7/23/14

President Barack Obama

CNN Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin: Barack Obama “Clearly Broke the Law” with Release of Taliban Butchers – Video 6/2/14

Mitt Romney Again Declares He Will Not Run for President Again: “I’ve had My Turn. . . I’m Not Running for President. . .” – Video 2/5/14

CNN’s Dana Bash Reports a Source close to Gov. Mike Huckabee Says He Will Decide on 2016 Presidential Run “Sometime After Midterm Elections” – Video 1/24/14

Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings Convinced Sen. Ted Cruz will Run for President in 2016 – Video 12/13/13

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Obama’s Poll Number “Collapse”: “Pretty Disturbing” – Video 11/25/13

Louisiana Democrat Sen. Mary Landrieu Tells Wolf Blitzer She has “No Regrets” for Foisting ObamaCare onto the American People – Video 11/13/13

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Reports the “Stunningly Low” Official ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers for the First Month – Video 11/13/13

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Uses Words “Humiliating” and “Embarrassing” to Describe ObamaCare Rollout – Video 10/22/13

Even Left-Wing Piers Morgan Calls ObamaCare Website “Crazy” – Video 10/18/13

Sen. Ted Cruz on CNN: “I Think Harry Reid Affirmatively Wants a Government Shutdown” – Video 9/30/13

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Confronts Jay Carney on Why Obama Voted as a Senator Against Raising the Debt-Ceiling – Video 9/26/13

Sen. John McCain Reacts to Getting Caught Playing Poker on His Phone During Hearing on Crisis in Syria; Laughs it Off – Video 9/3/13

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Calls IG Report on IRS Scandal, “Very, Very Damning” – Video 5/14/13

Sen. Rand Paul Discusses His “Life at Conception Act” with Wolf Blitzer; Does Believe in Individual Case “Exceptions” – Video 3/19/13

TSA Administrator Apologizes for Security Check that Frightened a Wheel-Chair Bound 3 Year-Old Girl – Video 2/22/13

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